Richard Zhang

Albert Zhang

Engineering ’18 Computer Science

Hi! I’m from Hong Kong; I did Karate when I little and I’m pretty serious about Wing Chun. Cornell Wushu has been exciting for me and I’m always glad to see and learn new forms of martial arts, as well as meet nice people.


Erika Yu

Vice President
Engineering ’19 Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hi, I’m Erika! I’ve always been interested in martial arts and loved watching it, so when I found out about Cornell Wushu, I knew I wanted to join. I don’t have much experience with martial arts besides a few weeks of Capoeira and one day of Wushu, but I can’t wait to learn more and get to know everyone!

Ethyn Leong profile

Ethyn Leong

Performance Coordinator
Agriculture & Life Sciences ’18 Food Science

Hello. I’m Ethyn, from tropical Hilo, Hawaii. I started Wushu during my freshman year at Cornell after a friend asked me to join, and stayed because of the freedom it gave me. My free time is normally spent cooking, playing with the Cornell marching band, or in my lab. I look forward to learning and performing with everyone!

sara ng profile

Sara Ng

Engineering ’18 Chemical Engineering

Hi! I’m from the New Jersey suburbs. I love the flowing movement of martial arts forms, so I decided to try Wushu (the more beautiful, Chinese cousin of Tae Kwon Do, which I have experience in). Practicing is demanding at times, but my improving skills and the wonderful people in the club make it worth it. I’m looking forward to the next few years learning Wushu!


Everett White

Engineering ’20 Mechanical Engineering

Heyo, I’m from Long Island, NY. I have never done Wushu before but I did do 4 years of fencing while in high school and I look forward to learning a lot while I’m a part of Cornell Wushu. I’m a nerd so in my free time I’m either watching anime or playing video games.

daisy zheng profile

Daisy Zheng

Practice Leader
Engineering ’18 Computer Science

Hi, I’m Daisy! I joined Wushu because I wanted to start doing martial arts again after dabbling in Karate a long time ago. It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to even more Wushu in the future!


Robert Yang

Media Director
Arts & Sciences ’20 Computer Science

Hey guys! I have never done Wushu, having only done a bit of Tae Kwon Do and Yang style Tai Chi in the past. I’m learning lots in this club and hope to have even more fun in the years to come! During my free time, I like to play video games and piano, and get bubble tea from Collegetown with my friends. I’m also really outgoing and I love to make myself and other people smile.


Winni Gao

Social Chair
Engineering ’20 Biomedical Engineering

Hey y’all! I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I have no experience in Wushu, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. In the past, I did acrobatics, figure skating, and fencing. Now, I’m super excited to learn more about Wushu and to meet cool people!


We’re recruiting for 2017 to 2018!