Connie ChenConnie Chen
President | A&S’16 Statistics & Economics
Specialties: Long Fist
This is my fourth year with Cornell Wushu and I have a learned a lot since I joined my freshman year. I really enjoy practicing wushu and hanging out with the wushu group, and I’m excited to learn and improve even more!


pro picMichelle Yuan
Vice President | A&S’17 Math
Specialties: Long Fist
Before coming to Cornell, I had no experience with Wushu whatsoever.  I have learned a lot from the club, so I want to keep practicing and improving with everyone else.  Besides Wushu, I enjoy mountain climbing and exploring the great outdoors.

Christine ChowChristine Chow
Social Chair | A&S’16 Biological Sciences
Specialties: Long Fist
Hi! I’m Christine and I’m from California! I initially joined wushu off a random whim but decided to stay because I liked learning long fist! (Actually, I stayed because of the food and because I love poking people!)


Kevin HuiKevin Hui
Practice Leader | A&S ’17 Computer Science
Specialties: Longfist, Straight Sword, Drunken Fist            I dislike sleeping so I’m always tired. I started doing Wushu when I was 9 and stopped training around 16. I started again at Cornell and I’ve loved training with the team ever since!


Andrew EcclesAndrew Eccles
Public Relations | CAS ’17 Information Science
Specialties: Nanquan (Southern Fist)
I’m Andrew. I’m from Elmont, New York. I joined Cornell Wushu during freshman year. I am slowly learning southern fist. I hope to one day do a split(all three directions)… and an aerial… and a b-twist… and a 720 lotus kick… all at once.

YoonSu RaYoon-Su Ra
Treasurer | COE’17 Chemical Engineering
Specialties: Taijiquan
Hiya. I join Wushu because I want to master different types of arts and Wushu lets me practice two of them, martial and performing (when I get to that level, =p). The thing I love the most about Wushu is the people. Everyone is nice, fun, and helpful.



Regina ChanRegina Chan
Member | A&S’16 Statistics and Economics
It is wonderful to be a part of Cornell Wushu.  Since I have been trained in classical ballet for over ten years, this is a very different (but awesome) experience.  I look forward to learning and practicing more!


richard chen profileRichard Chen
Member | CHE’18 Human Development
Specialties: Longfist, Straightsword, and Double Straightsword
Hi! I’ve loved martial arts since I was a kid and I look forward to practicing and performing with people who share my passion. When I’m not wushu-ing I like to play chess, debate, and a whole lot of other very nerdy things.

Christian De La Paz
Member | A&S’16 Linguistics
Specialties: Southern Fist
Hello! I’m Christian and I’m from the island of Puerto Rico. Didn’t know about Wushu until I came here to Cornell, but I have to say that it’s amazing. I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but Wushu has taught me so many things and I can’t wait to keep learning.

Ethyn Leong profileEthyn Leong
Member | CALS’18 Food Science
Specialties: Taijiquan
Aloha! I grew up in Hawaii, and probably won’t use any more Hawaiian terms from this point on. I was introduced to Wushu by a friend (also currently in the club), and decided to stay because it is a great source of personal discipline, and the rigorous exercise feels really good after a long day of classes. Plus, it never hurts to have more people to try my food (*cough* fellow club foodies).

WenTingWenting “Tiffany” Li
Member | A&S’16 Mathematics & Economics
Specialties: Wing Chun
I am Tiffany from Guangzhou, China. I have been practicing Wing Chun since 7th
Grade, which is more introverted compared to Wushu and also focused more on sparring than on
performance. I am eager to learn more about various styles of Wushu and practice HARD!!

Laura Ng ProfileLaura Ng
Member | COE’18 Computer Science
Hiya! I hail from New Jersey (the suburbs, not the shore) and am new to this Wushu business. I have some experience with Tae Kwon Do, but I already prefer the aesthetics and precision of Wushu. I look forward learning awesome forms and making great friends!

sara ng profileSara Ng
Member | COE’18 Chemical Engineering
Hi! I’m from the New Jersey suburbs. I love the flowing movement of martial arts forms, so I decided to try Wushu (the more beautiful, Chinese cousin of Tae Kwon Do, which I have experience in). Practicing is demanding at times, but my improving skills and the wonderful people in the club make it worth it. I’m looking forward to the next few years learning Wushu!

NeelaSahaNeela Saha
Member | COE’19 Undecided
Hi! I’m Neela and I’m from Kentucky! I joined Cornell Wushu because it looked fun and artistic and decided to stay because I really love learning, improving, and performing with everyone on the team! Besides Wushu, I enjoy playing piano, dancing, and eating my weight in sweets!

Lorena SandovalLorena Sandoval
Member | CALS’16 Animal Science
Hello! I’m Lorena. I’m from Los Angeles, California. I have no prior experience in any martial arts, but it has been something I’ve always wanted to try. I’m looking forward to all the new things I will learn, and all the experiences to come with Wushu club!

andywAndy Wu

Member | COE’18 Bioengineering
Hello! My name is Andy and I am currently from Albany, NY. I haven’t done Wushu before coming to Cornell; the closest thing to it was dabbling a bit in Taekwondo about ten years ago. Wushu has been a blast so far and I look forward to learning more new and interesting things! And I kind of like swords…

Yixi YangYixi Yang
Member | A&S’16 Math & Economics
I joined Wushu as a freshman last year without having any prior experience… in any sport. But Wushu is so cool that I decided to continue and am now starting to learn Tai-Chi and the fan form. I’m also a great Wuxia novel/TV series enthusiast, and I’ll also start singing at pretty much any time.

Erika Yu

Member | A&S’19 Biological Sciences
Hi, I’m Erika! I’ve always been interested in martial arts and loved watching it, so when I found out about Cornell Wushu, I knew I wanted to join. I don’t have much experience with martial arts besides a few weeks of Capoeira and one day of Wushu, but I can’t wait to learn more and get to know everyone!

Richard ZhangAlbert Zhang
Member | COE’18 Computer Science
Specialties: Wing Chun
Salutations! I’m from Hong Kong; I did Karate when I little and I’m pretty serious about Wing Chun. Cornell Wushu has been exciting for me and I’m always glad to see and learn new forms of martial arts, as well as meet nice people (glances at the other people on this page).


daisy zheng profileDaisy Zheng
Member | COE’18 Computer Science
Hi, I’m Daisy! I joined Wushu because I wanted to start doing martial arts again after dabbling in Karate a long time ago. It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to even more Wushu in the future!


Kate Zhou

Kate Zhou
Member | COE’16 Mechanical Engineering
Hello! I’m Kate. I have always been interested in Chinese martial arts but this is my second year trying wushu. It’s been a great experience learning new moves and spending time with the Wushu family. Looking forward to more years of wushu! (: