Teresa Wong
President | COE ’12 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Specialties: Taiji, Straightsword
Wushu is one of my passions, followed closely by dance. I specialize in taiji, and my love for this sport has allowed me to travel the world and share my passion with others.

Dan Lu
Vice President | COE’12 Civil Engineering
Specialties: Straight Sword

Norris Xu
Treasurer | COE ’11 Computer Science
Specialties: Straightsword

Connie Hsia
Public Relations | ‘11
Specialties: Staff

Abena A-O
Other Officer | ‘10
Specialties: Straight Sword

Thomson Ly
Member | ‘10
Specialties: Striaght Sword

Stephanie Yang
Member | ‘14
Specialties: Broadsword

Angela Cai
Member | ‘14

Marcus Chin
Member | A&S ’14 Biological Sciences (Neuroscience)
Specialties: Broadsword, Daggers, Fan, Flute, Staff, Straightsword
Hello, I’m Marcus! Since I was young, I had a passion for martial arts. Bruce Lee and Jet Li were some of my role models. I practice northern praying mantis kung-fu and greatly enjoy learning new weapon forms.

Peter Gu
Member | COE ’14 Applied Engineering Physics
Specialties: Broadsword, Chain whip
I’ve been doing Wushu for a few years (blue belt now). I like broadsword but I’m also working on longfist forms.

Jimmy Zhu
Member | COE ’14 Mechanical Engineering
I practice mainly contemporary styles and my favorite is southern fist.

Chiping Yeh
Member | COE ’12 Information Science
I grew up loving action movies – my favorite actor is Jackie Chan.

Maxine Etchison
Member | Costume Design’15
I am a current student at Ithaca College studying costume design. I have been a member of wushu since 2010/2011.

Mike Blegen
Member | ‘92
Specialties: Broadsword, Chain whip, Staff
I’ve been training off and on (mainly off) since high school. Traditional Kung Fu was what I started with but then found Wushu, Tai Chi and Bagua. Most of my spare time is spent recovering from workouts on Mondays.

Christine Baver
Member | COE’12 Environmental Engineering
Specialties: Broadsword, Straightsword, Staff
I wanted an excuse to spar with my little brother, so I joined kung fu with him in 8th grade. A few years later he wasn’t so little, and fortunately for me, sparring did not happen frequently! I trained with Nick Gracenin in Sharon, PA for 5 years. Focused on my studies during undergraduate and now, I’m a graduate student at Cornell studying environmental engineering and I am happy to have found my wushu family again. I focus primarily on compulsory changquan/long fist forms! I enjoy trail running, biking and attempting to tickle my big younger brother.