Devin Chin

Arts and Sciences ’22, Information Science

Hello! I’m Devin, and I’m from New Hyde Park, Long Island. I was part of my high school’s Wushu club, but I never competed. I joined Cornell Wushu in my Freshman year, and in the short time since then my Wushu abilities have improved drastically thanks to the mentorship of the senior members in the club, and I’ve made friends with some of the coolest people at Cornell! Besides practicing Wushu, I like to spend my free time playing instruments, cooking, and napping.

Kenton Wu

Vice President
Human Ecology ’23, Human Development

Hi! I’m Kenton. I’m from Long Island, but I grew up in Queens, New York. I started practicing wushu as a freshmen and now I specialize in barehand and being very bendy. My favorite part of wushu has been getting to know amazing people through practices and socials. Outside of wushu I like to rock climb, play chess, read manga, and play with mice.

Ruby Min

Co-Practice Leader
Engineering ’22, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Hello hello hello! I’m Ruby, and I’m from New Jersey (around Princeton area). I’ve done wushu for a good chunk of my life and continued in college because of the wonderful friends I made in the this club ❤ I always enjoy practicing and improving myself with everyone else and seeing just how far we can go. When I have free time, I also like to dance, read, try to be artistic, and somewhat successfully bake. Besides those, I am also trying to gym consistently now 🙂

Joyce Zhu

Co-Practice Leader

Adam Yang

Performance Coordinator
Agriculture and Life Sciences ’22,
Landscape Architecture

Hey everyone, I’m Adam. I’m a senior from Potomac, Maryland. I joined Wushu my sophomore with zero experience and have loved every second of it! The club’s full of fun, free-spirited people, anime aficionados and boba-addicts. Aside from Wushu, I love to draw, cook, read manga, and snowboard.

Rachel Lai

Engineering ’24,
Chemical Engineering

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am the secretary of Cornell Wushu. I’m from New York City and am a sophomore studying ChemE. I joined Wushu club in my freshman year and I have enjoyed it ever since!

Kai Tong Gao

Computing and Information Science ’22, Information Science

Hey everyone! I’m Kai :3 It’s nice to meet you! I’m from New York City I started practicing Wushu when I was a freshman. Wushu has been tons of fun and it’s nice to look back and see how much I’ve learned. Hope to see you around at our practices!

Edith Chen

Social Chair

Sean Yu

Media Director
Engineering ’23, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hello! My name is ECE, and I’m majoring in Sean. I am from the glorious state of Ohio, where the corn grows tall and my brain grows small. Besides starting Wushu as a freshmen at Cornell, I’ve had a teeny tiny bit of experience from middle school. I also really enjoy running, biking, and skating. I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with cars, computers, and YouTube. I am also bad at making bio pages on wordpress.


Taea Roberts

Arts & Sciences ’24, Biology

Hello!~ I’m Taea and I’m from New York! I like nature, stuffed animals, accessories, and beautiful things.~ I like to play videogames, make digital art, dance, and learn wushu! I have no previous experience, but I’ve learned a lot with all the lovely members of the club!

Pratyush Sudhakar

Engineering ’25, Computer Science

Hey! I am Pratyush, and I am from India. I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in mathematics. I joined Wushu last semester because I enjoyed Cornell Wushu’s performance at the Club Fest, and I wanted to learn the forms and the weapons! In my free time, I like to go for long walks or ride on my hoverboard!

Sage Lee

Arts & Sciences ’22, Information Science & English

I’m from Austin, Texas with absolutely no wushu experience! My senior fall was my first semester ever trying out wushu 🙂 In the free time I have when not doing wushu, I am a musician (pianist, cellist, and president of Cornell Orchestras), a video gamer, and a budding figure skater. Fun fact: my favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur. Also, I have two cats (Tofu & Truffle).

Jessy Ling

Veterinary Medicine ’24, Veterinary Medicine

Hello! My name is Jessy, and I am currently a grad student on track for a DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine. I was an Animal Science major at Cornell as an undergrad, but despite having been here for a long time, I still have the Cornell knowledge (and face) of a freshman. I was born in Malaysia and raised in Queens, NY. I have absolutely zero Wushu experience, so I am hoping to get educated in the ways. I really enjoy eating, baking, watching Chinese dramas, learning, teaching, and spending time with my family and friends. I really am just an old soul (and body) looking to get stronger and gain more body coordination.

Faris Aziz

Agriculture and Life Sciences ’22, Computational Biology & Information Science

Heyyo! I’m Faris, and I’m a senior studying Computational Bio + Info Sci! I love martial arts and have been practicing Karate and Taekwondo since I was 8. I love adventure and exploring new things, so I wanted to try Wushu out as well! I am in the Cornell Proyos club too, check out our performances! I love anime, games (making games too), music + music composition.

Sardor Rahmatulloev

Engineering ’22, Computer Science

Hi my name is Sardor! I’m a freshman studying CS. I’m originally from Uzbekistan but I grew up in NYC. I’ve always been interested in martial arts so joining wushu has been fun!

Leo Moon

Engineering ’22, Applied and Engineering Physics

My name is Leo, and I am from South Korea. I just joined wushu this semester. I definitely recommend wushu for those who need more flexibility and mobility. Planning to come at least once a week!