Audrey Gunawan

Engineering ’20, Materials Science & Engineering

Hey guys! I’ve been practicing Wushu for the last 8 years, and I specialize in longfist, straight sword, staff, and spear. Cornell Wushu has allowed me to meet loads of amazing people and has helped me grow stronger both physically and mentally. Outside of Wushu, my interests include running, reading, photography, and learning to play the guitar!

Devin Chin

Vice President
Arts and Sciences ’22, Information Science

Hello! I’m Devin, and I’m from New Hyde Park, Long Island. I was part of my high school’s Wushu club, but I never competed. I joined Cornell Wushu in my Freshman year, and in the short time since then my Wushu abilities have improved drastically thanks to the mentorship of the senior members in the club, and I’ve made friends with some of the coolest people at Cornell! Besides practicing Wushu, I like to spend my free time playing instruments, cooking, and napping.

Ruby Min

Co-Practice Leader
Engineering ’22, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Hello hello, I’m Ruby! I’ve lived in central Jersey (around Princeton area) for pretty much my entire life, and I’m a junior studying ECE and CS. I’ve done wushu for a good chunk of my life and continued in college because of the wonderful people in the this club ❤ When I have free time, I also like to dance, read, try to be artistic, and somewhat successfully bake.

Joyce Zhu

Co-Practice Leader
Engineering ’21, Computer Science

Hello! I’m Joyce, currently a practice leader along with the lovely Ruby Min. I’m a junior, hopefully graduating a sem early to travel, eat, keep at least some muscle from wushu, and practice my Chinese/Japanese! When I can spare a moment, I like to test out new recipes my sister sends me, watch a little anime, listen to music, and check out any poster sales on campus to see if I can add to my collection. I came into this club with absolutely 0 wushu experience, physical strength, or flexibility, and am happily no longer a limp noodle. In addition to being practice leader, I also hold taichi practices and am currently learning straight sword as well as intermediate long fist.

Kenton Wu

Performance Coordinator
Human Ecology ’23, Human Development

Hi! I’m Kenton. I’m from Long Island but I grew in Queens, New York. I started practicing wushu last year as a freshman. I joined Cornell Wushu because I wanted to learn martial arts and meet cool, new people (which I did!). In my free time, I like to rock climb, take long walks, watch anime, and play chess. Some goals of mine are learning to bake and not blinking in photos.

Nishat Tasneem Peuly

Arts and Sciences ’22, Computer Science

Hey everyone! My name is Nat and this is my third semester as a part of Cornell Wushu, and my first semester as treasurer! Joining wushu was probably the best part of my sophomore year, and I really really enjoy learning new forms and performing them. When I’m not doing wushu and not latex-ing/debugging my CS problem sets, I can be found trying to learn Tiktok dances, going on walks to 7/11 or sketching in my sketchbook.

Sean Yu

Media Director
Engineering ’23, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hello! My name is ECE, and I’m majoring in Sean. I am from the glorious state of Ohio, where the corn grows tall and my brain grows small. Besides starting Wushu as a freshmen at Cornell, I’ve had a teeny tiny bit of experience from middle school. I also really enjoy running, biking, and skating. I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with cars, computers, and YouTube.

Alice Zhao

Social Chair
Arts & Sciences ’22, Computer Science

hi! I’m Alice and northern VA is home. I like fooding in my free time (eating, cooking, baking, watching, etc.) and (badly) playing the piano/ukulele. is attempting to make friends laugh a hobby? this is my 2nd year doing wushu!

Alaina Zanardi

Engineering ’22, Materials Science and Engineering


Justin Tan

Engineering ’23, Engineering Physics

I’m Justin Tan, Ithaca local and sophomore in engineering physics, with also hopeful music minor. I love listening to eclectic music, playing piano, bouldering at the climbing gym, biking & hiking, board and card games, warm thunderstorms, Avatar (you won’t beat me in trivia), and of course Wushu! I started Wushu freshmen year with just some karate background as a kid, but with great interest in the movement and fitness aspects of Wushu (and of course looking cool).

Caitlin Lau

Arts & Sciences ’21, Information Science

I’m a former ice skater from Houston, TX and design costumes and develop Augmented Reality face filters for Instagram in my free time! I’m a Wushu newbie but am super passionate to learn! Jia you!

Adrienne Shao

Dyson ’21, Applied Economics and Management

Hello, I’m Adrienne! Since I’m a business major, putting Wushu and Tai Chi on my resume is an instinctive personality trait. On a real note, I do love practicing Tai Chi, Yang style, and straight sword. I started back in high school and even got to perform for the cast of FOB and at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Katherine Roberts

Arts & Sciences ’24, Biological Sciences

Hello!~ I’m Katherine and I’m from Scarsdale, New York. I have no prior wushu or other martial arts experience. My hobbies include doing digital art, playing video games, and dancing. I also really like nature and being outside. I currently intend to study biology, but that may change in the future.

Camryn Gray

Arts & Sciences ’21, Computer Science

I’m from Portland, Oregon and I’ve been doing Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu since I was seven! Once I started college I joined Cornell Wushu and have been in the club ever since. In addition to doing Wushu and Kung Fu, I also like reading and cross stitching, and I LOVE cats!

Lisa Yu

Arts & Sciences ’21, Biological Sciences

Hello! My name is Lisa and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I studied Shaolin Kungfu throughout high school and have loved being part of Cornell Wushu since my freshman year! Outside of Wushu I also enjoy hiking, cooking and travelling!

Kai Tong Gao

Engineering ’24, Mechanical Engineering

Hey everyone! I’m Kai c: I’m from New York City and I like adventure and artsy crafts. I haven’t had any prior experience with Wushu until now, but it’s been lots of fun though and I’m quite happy I joined 😀 ! Very excited to meet new people and learn martial arts together ^w^